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Posted 02-28-2024 10:00 PM

The friendly match that was supposed to star footballer Lionel Messi was not the only event that became a PR crisis for the Hong Kong government, says former journalist Jacky Leung.

Posted 02-28-2024 09:24 PM

Tucked away from the tourist crowds is Samanvaya Resort, a hidden gem that melds luxury, tradition and community spirit with plenty of heart.

Posted 02-28-2024 02:28 PM

Defence Minister Prabowo Subianto, who's set to become Indonesia’s next president, was given the rank of honorary four-star general. Critics call the move “perplexing” given his earlier discharge from the military.

Posted 02-28-2024 05:53 AM

Cheng Wing Yee was handed a ban of up to five years, according to local authorities.

Posted 02-28-2024 04:25 AM

It was said to be “love at first sight” for the 25-year-old K-drama actor and 23-year-old K-pop idol. Here's what else you should know about him – including his roles in shows with Hyun Bin, Park Shin-hye and Lee Da-hee.

Posted 02-28-2024 03:25 AM

South Korea is set to become a super-aged society in 2025, when people over the age of 65 will account for 20 per cent of its total population of 52 million. By 2050, the segment could rise to nearly 44 per cent.

Posted 02-27-2024 11:36 PM

How do we get people to make more babies? That’s one question China’s leadership will likely be tackling during this year’s key political meetings.

Posted 02-27-2024 10:00 PM

A total of 114 Indonesian poll workers have died and over 15,000 have fallen ill since Feb 14, in the wake of the world’s largest single-day elections.

Posted 02-27-2024 10:00 PM

The strategic case for the Australia-UK-US pact is sound. But technical and political doubts are growing, says the Financial Times’ Gideon Rachman.

Posted 02-27-2024 12:43 PM

It will also recommend steps to improve how the government handles future cases involving territorial rights or sovereignty, said law minister Azalina Othman Said.

Posted 02-27-2024 08:09 AM

The government rolled some property curbs back to stimulate the market late last year to little effect. 

Posted 02-26-2024 11:26 AM

New king Sultan Ibrahim also kept his maiden parliamentary speech to around 30 minutes so members would not fall asleep.

Posted 02-24-2024 10:00 PM

Mr Joko Widodo's not only trying to ward off the threat of an inquiry into the election. Recent moves show his plan to maintain influence after leaving office, say observers.

Posted 02-23-2024 10:32 PM

An hour’s drive away from Woodlands Checkpoint is the small Malaysian town of Kulai where Riders Resort is located, offering horse-riding and other experiences families in Singapore can seek out.

Posted 02-23-2024 10:00 PM

Hardcore poverty has been eliminated in two states as well as Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim recently declared. Reality isn’t as rosy, say aid workers and experts.

Posted 02-23-2024 09:33 AM

The newly signed presidential decree mandates that digital platforms must pay media companies for news content. Analysts say any division between the industries will be at the expense of Indonesians.

Posted 02-23-2024 07:56 AM

South Korea is looking to be among the world’s top few defence exporters, while Japan is hoping to bolster its security partnerships and its domestic defence industry. 

Posted 02-22-2024 10:00 PM

There’s been plenty of buzz over the made-in-China passenger airliner's maiden show in Singapore, with extensive reports by international news outlets as well as prominent coverage by Chinese media.

Posted 02-22-2024 12:42 PM

The two plots of land, currently unused, sit in the middle of the area which will constitute the to-be redeveloped Woodlands Checkpoint, says the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority.

Posted 02-22-2024 09:17 AM

The Malaysian ringgit fell to its lowest level on Tuesday since the Asian Financial Crisis, triggering concerns in the country. 

Posted 02-22-2024 03:39 AM

The lanterns, which come in various colours and sizes, are unique to northern Thailand, especially in the Chiang Mai province, where the Yee Peng Festival is celebrated towards the end of the year.

Posted 02-22-2024 03:20 AM

President Joko Widodo had earlier signed a regulation that requires digital platforms to pay media publishers that provide them with content.

Posted 02-21-2024 10:40 AM

Mr Mirzan Mahathir and his brother Mokhzani have been given 30 more days by the anti-graft agency. Meanwhile, Dr Mahathir Mohamad was pictured reading the newspapers on Tuesday.

Posted 02-21-2024 09:47 AM

His death comes days after his wife took to social media to refute claims her husband had been abducted from a hospital in Kuching. 

Posted 02-21-2024 09:00 AM

The move has already sparked panic among young citizens. Could it trigger an exodus and more violence? What will be the regional impact? Myanmar correspondent Leong Wai Kit takes a closer look.

Posted 02-21-2024 07:58 AM

Hun Sen provided Thaksin Shinawatra with sanctuary during his exile, naming him a special advisor and allowing him to visit frequently and meet allies in Cambodia.

Posted 02-20-2024 11:23 PM

Host Teresa Tang sits down with CNA's Lim Yun Suk who shares stories of locals from her recent trip to Ukraine.

Posted 02-20-2024 10:00 PM

China is by far the world’s largest video gaming market, with the number of gamers in the country nearly double the entire population of the US.

Posted 02-20-2024 10:00 PM

Prabowo Subianto's ambition may be hostage to the influence of some big ministerial names, says this Indonesian policy studies expert.

Posted 02-20-2024 10:00 PM

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin will have to continue putting up with perceptions that he is a proxy for Thaksin Shinawatra, says Control Risks’ Harrison Cheng.

Posted 02-20-2024 11:04 AM

The Singdollar was trading at RM3.568 at 7pm on Feb 20.

Posted 02-20-2024 10:35 AM

These cheap inhalers come in candy flavours, appealing to the young. Malaysia should draw lessons from the vaping scourge and tackle the problem early, experts say. 

Posted 02-20-2024 04:30 AM

Yano founded his first company in 1972 at the age of 29. That company was later named Daiso in 1977.

Posted 02-20-2024 04:28 AM

The target to align Syariah criminal laws within the constitutional framework is a move towards greater cohesion, following a clash between the two legal systems in Kelantan state. But some experts are questioning whether the goal is achievable. 

Posted 02-19-2024 05:16 PM

Election marred by vote-rigging allegations

Posted 02-19-2024 07:00 AM

Potential risks still remain, however, including the outcome of India’s general election this year and the broader geopolitical landscape.

Posted 02-19-2024 02:49 AM

Haidilao recently shared a music video titled Ke Mu Si on their Weibo and Xiaohongshu platforms.

Posted 02-19-2024 01:07 AM

Long popular as on-the-go fuel in Japan, onigiri have been eaten for over a millennium in the country. But with more tourists than ever flocking there, it's now becoming a lunch option overseas.

Posted 02-18-2024 10:00 PM

South Korea must acknowledge the underlying causes of its population decline. Creating scapegoats will not solve the issue, says a researcher at Kangwon National University and the Centre for International and Strategic Studies.

Posted 02-17-2024 10:00 PM

Can India replace China as a manufacturing powerhouse? Can Indonesia navigate the geopolitics by bringing in companies from the East and the West to work together? The programme When Titans Clash looks at the shape of things to come.

Posted 02-17-2024 10:00 PM

Deep-pocketed tourists are boosting prices, and wages, in some of the country’s prestige ski resorts. That carries both opportunities and risks, says Gearoid Reidy for Bloomberg Opinion.

Posted 02-17-2024 10:00 PM

What Malaysia touted as a mega project in the form of the Melaka Gateway is now a shadow of its former self, says an ISEAS - Yusof Ishak Institute academic.

Posted 02-16-2024 10:00 PM

Amazon’s Nicole Kidman show Expats is set in Hong Kong and noted filmmaker Wong Kar Wai has a new series. But the creative sector is struggling to revive the glory days of its iconic films and pop culture, says the Financial Times’ Chan Ho-him.

Posted 02-16-2024 11:20 AM

Progress towards implementing the global 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development remains uneven and inadequate in Asia and the Pacific, said a UN regional commission.

Posted 02-16-2024 02:57 AM

Military veteran Prabowo Subianto has claimed victory at the country’s presidential election. Experts consider what led to him to gain a commanding quick count majority and what it might mean for the country.

Posted 02-16-2024 12:14 AM

Godzilla Minus One is nominated for best visual effects, the first Oscar nomination in the film franchise's 70-year history. 

Posted 02-15-2024 10:00 PM

Members of Indonesia's civil society have spoken out against President Joko Widodo for what they see as political manoeuvring to retain influence, says this academic.

Posted 02-15-2024 10:00 PM

In the legislative polls, about 9,900 candidates vied for the 580 seats in parliament, also known as the House of Representatives.

Posted 02-15-2024 03:38 AM

Japan slipped into technical recession at the end of 2023 after its GDP shrank for two straight quarters.

Posted 02-15-2024 03:38 AM

Japan slipped into technical recession at the end of 2023 after its GDP shrank for two straight quarters.

Page 1 of 688
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