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The All American Chinese Cookbook 2 by Melisa Chee Fluhr [ rate this blog ]

A recipe blog dedicated to my generous Chinese mother and all the wonderful dishes she has shared with family, friends and patrons over the years. The majority of these recipes have been created by my mom, Lucy Chee. Her take on Chinese cooking is healthy & tastey, made simple.

My Asian Heritage by A&I [ rate this blog ]

We are a resource for parents who want to educate their children, and themselves, on the many aspects of Asian culture.

My Asian Heritage * Explore. Appreciate. Connect.

3. by L. Lee [ rate this blog ]

I'm a Taiwanese American mom who founded with my tech-savvy husband in March 2008. We present smart ideas for parents in the Asian American community and beyond. Our main purpose is to share ideas and to connect with others. Join us!

Kitchen Wench by Ellie Won [ rate this blog ]

A Korean 20-something in Australia sharing treasured Korean family dishes as well as other favourites, one recipe at a time.

Weird Asia News | Offbeat, Strange, Odd, Crazy by Sun Tzu, Mui Mui, et al. [ rate this blog ]

Weird Asia News brings the best of weird, strange, funny, odd, and just plain crazy news and stories from the lands of the Far East. We will be trying to post new content every day so please book mark us and come back often.

Buddha Belle by Jojo [ rate this blog ]

Started in January '08, this is a mom-blog written by a SAHM (stay-at-home mom) of a 10-month old baby girl. You can read about parenting, marriage, getting back to your pre-baby shape, health & fitness lifestyle...and just good old plain conversation. Stop by!

SushiDay by Allison [ rate this blog ]

SushiDay is all about sushi, nigiri, and maki. We have both traditional Japanese sushi recipes and off the wall crazy sushi combinations! There are posts about sushi restaurants, sushi-making tools, and other randomness related to sushi.

Little Asian Girl by Stef [ rate this blog ]

My place to vent my feelings and opinions of the ignorance in the world and the things that we, as Asians and other minorities in general, must deal with. Also includes some funny Asian things and random tidbits to lighten up the mood.

8 Asians by More than 8 Asians [ rate this blog ]

8 Asians is a collaborative blog of Asian-Americans and Asian-Canadians.

Steamy Kitchen by Jaden [ rate this blog ]

Steamy is my playground - featuring recipes, beautiful food photography and my adventures in the kitchen.

Cool Web Mom by coolwebmom [ rate this blog ]

The "Moms" section on the Magazine Rack

KoreaCrunch by Channy Yun [ rate this blog ]

Korean news, profiles and reviews of web 2.0 products and companies written by Channy Yun. Its name is honor to TechCrunch.

Angry Chinese Blogger by The Angry Chinese Blogger [ rate this blog ]

The news and views about China that the big media can't, or won't, tell you

The Q Family Adventure by Amy @ The Q Family [ rate this blog ]

Join our family journey to our little adventure of life.. vacation trip, weekend trip, grocery trip or anything in between.

Chicago Chick by Irene [ rate this blog ]

Filipina who grew up in the city of Chicago, but now lives in a nearby suburb with her 2 toddler sons and very American husband. I talk about what it's like to be the working parent, raising 2 boys and teaching them about my heritage, and trying to recreate the good parts of my Asian upbringing.

The Q Family Adventure by Amy @ The Q Family [ rate this blog ]

A working mom in the Suburb of Atlanta with 2 beautiful and active kids. I was born and raised in Thailand and moved here to pursue higher education. Follow us on our family adventure through vacation trip, weekend trip or grocery trip.

Unreliably Yours by Allison M. [ rate this blog ]

Disgruntled hapa rants galore! Check it out!!!

8 Asians by Editor: Ernie Hsiung [ rate this blog ]

8 Asians is a collaborative blog of Asian-Americans and Asian-Canadians. We’ll be posting about whatever Asian issues are currently relevant in our lives, whether it be pop culture or current events or politics.

Momisodes by Sandy [ rate this blog ]

Tune in for daily nonsense.

Just Keeping Tabs by Dee Gonzalez [ rate this blog ]

I'm a wife, mom and lawyer in the Philippines.I homeschool my son so I spend most of my time being a mom and a wife.My blog talks about being a mom in Asia in the 21st century and matters affecting that. I also discuss about current events, some humor and sometimes, whatever takes my fancy.

Korean Business Blog by Heejeong Haas [ rate this blog ]

A blog on Korea, Business, and Culture.

Angry Asian Man by Phil Yu [ rate this blog ]

Angry Asian Man points out Asian stereotypes and odd manifestations of Asian cultures in America.

Asian-Nation by C.N. Le [ rate this blog ]

Asian-Nation is your one-stop information resource and overview of the historical, demographic, political, and cultural issues that make up today's diverse Asian American community. You can think of Asian-Nation as an online version of "Asian Americans 101."

SECRET ASIAN MAN DAILY by Tak Toyoshima [ rate this blog ]

The Voice of Asian Neurosis. Commentary never looked so cute!

Xiaxue. Everyone's reading it. by Xiaxue [ rate this blog ]

I am Xiaxue and Xiaxue does not exist to entertain interviews by school students who are just lazy to do their own school work.

Stuff Asian People Like by [ rate this blog ]

This blog is devoted to stuff that Asian people like.

Eat My Bento! by para_giaulz [ rate this blog ]

Share ideas, recipes and tutorials on how to make a creative bento!!

don't come in cause you will spend lots of time reading my info rich site!! by derickong [ rate this blog ]

Articles of different interesting products

Tokyo Times by Lee Chapman [ rate this blog ]

Notes from a small group of Japanese islands

One Asian World by Paulette [ rate this blog ] is a new and exciting online destination for Asian culture and the latest happenings in Asian entertainment and gossip!

POPSEOUL! by 2 (hard-working) graduate students with a love of Korean culture [ rate this blog ]

POPSEOUL! provides the inside scoop on what’s popping in way of entertainment news, celebrity style and beauty reviews in and around Korea.

Issue Skirting by Dianthe -not rated- [ rate this blog ]

"A good sermon should be like a woman's skirt: short enough to arouse interest but long enough to cover the essentials." -Ronald Knox, theologian

Pifant @ Maryland by Shane -not rated- [ rate this blog ]

Record my learning and living experience in Maryland, USA

Shameless Exhibitionism by Snowchild -not rated- [ rate this blog ]

Scattered pratings, bragaddocio, and window-dressing.

Swing the Focus by Lana -not rated- [ rate this blog ]


Asian-American Poetry by Roger Pao -not rated- [ rate this blog ]

My wonderful and exciting takes on the ever-changing world of Asian-American poetry.

Asian Beauty Blog by One-Stop Source for Cosmetics Information -not rated- [ rate this blog ]

Asian Beauty Blog is your resource for makeup and cosmetics tips.

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