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Have you ever heard of the Junior National Young Leaders Conference? I didn't till recently. But from what I read, it sounds like a guaranteed way to ensure your child success in life. Does that sound exaggerated? That's because it is.

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In this day and age when any act of racism is almost immediately publicized and scrutinized upon, racism seems to be on the decline. Yet, there is a form of racism that is openly exercised every year, affecting thousands of U.S. citizens. And it is all LEGAL!

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Posted 01-24-2019

KUALA LUMPUR: Pahang’s Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah was elected as the new Malaysian king on Thursday (Jan 24) by members of the country's royal families, following the unexpected abdication of the previous monarch. Sultan Abdullah, 60, will formally take over the throne on Jan 31 for a five ...

Posted 01-24-2019

China said Thursday it opposed external interference in Venezuelan politics, after the US and major South American countries sided with opposition leader Juan Guaido over President Nicolas Maduro in a power struggle.

Posted 01-24-2019

KUALA LUMPUR: As Malaysia welcomes a new monarch, analysts say Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah is unlikely to rock the boat with a more proactive posture in national leadership. Malaysia’s monarchy has been under the spotlight since the premature stepping down of Sultan Muhammad V early this ...

Posted 01-24-2019

A footballer with refugee status who has been detained in Thailand for nearly two months over his alleged role in Bahrain's Arab Spring protests is "losing hope", according to a global players' union.

Posted 01-24-2019

The Philippines welcomed a record 7.1 million tourists to its beaches and dive spots in 2018, despite its most famous resort Boracay being shut half the year to recover, authorities said Thursday.

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