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What caught my eye about Searching was its primarily Asian cast. However, this movie had nothing to do with Asian culture at all. Instead, it was a very well made suspense thriller about an everyday father's search for his missing daughter in today's digital world.

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Have you ever heard of the Junior National Young Leaders Conference? I didn't till recently. But from what I read, it sounds like a guaranteed way to ensure your child success in life. Does that sound exaggerated? That's because it is.

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Posted 03-24-2019

BANGKOK: Former Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva stepped down as leader of the Democrat Party after its poor showing in a Sunday (Mar 24) general election. Thailand's oldest political party was in fourth place in the popular vote, with a little more that three million votes, according to ...

Posted 03-24-2019

LYON: The wife of the former Chinese head of Interpol, who has had no news of him for nearly six months since his arrest in China, has asked French President Emmanuel Macron to discuss the matter with counterpart Xi Jinping during an official visit to France. In a letter to the Elysee Palace dated ...

Posted 03-24-2019

BANGKOK: A national election billed as a referendum on Thailand’s acceptance of military rule has failed to produce a clear mandate from voters, with the country set to contend with fraught power negotiations and a deeply split parliament. After five years under a military government following a ...

Posted 03-24-2019

BINTAN: A 36-year-old Singaporean man died on Saturday (Mar 23) while diving in waters off Bintan Island. According to an 8world News report, Yeo Boon Han, an accountant, was attending an Advanced Open Water diving course. The course began on Friday and was to end on Sunday, and it was Mr Yeo's ...

Posted 03-24-2019

BANGKOK: Thailand headed to the polls on Sunday (Mar 24) in its first general election since the military coup in 2014.  Turnout was expected to be as high as 80 per cent of the 51.2 million eligible voters, the Election Commission said about an hour before the polls closed at 5pm (6pm, Singapore ...

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