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Have you ever heard of the Junior National Young Leaders Conference? I didn't till recently. But from what I read, it sounds like a guaranteed way to ensure your child success in life. Does that sound exaggerated? That's because it is.

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In this day and age when any act of racism is almost immediately publicized and scrutinized upon, racism seems to be on the decline. Yet, there is a form of racism that is openly exercised every year, affecting thousands of U.S. citizens. And it is all LEGAL!

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Posted 01-21-2019

Hong Kong must do more to crack down on illegal wildlife smuggling by ending legal loopholes and lenient sentences, conservation groups said Monday, as they detailed the city's role in the lucrative trade.

Posted 01-21-2019

GEORGE TOWN: Malaysian divers have located the car which plunged into the sea. after an accident with another vehicle on the Penang Bridge.  The Mazda CX-5 SUV was found about 15m below the water surface, said Seberang Perai Tengah district police chief Nik Ros Azhan Abdul Hamid on Monday (Jan 21) ...

Posted 01-21-2019

It’s unacceptable for students to get noticed only after a suicide attempt, thinks Dr Jamie Chiu, which is why she created assessment tools to spot mental health issues early. She is one of CNA’s Champions for Change.

Posted 01-21-2019

Predominantly Muslim areas of the mainly Catholic Philippines took part in a plebiscite on Monday to decide whether power should be devolved to a locally elected administration in one of Southeast Asia's most conflict-torn regions.

Posted 01-21-2019

China's population grew at a slower rate last year despite the abolition of the one-child policy, official data showed Monday, raising fears an ageing society will pile further pressure on an already slowing economy.

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