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Member Since: 11-14-2006
Occupation: Movie critic
Gender: Female
Age: 41
Ethnicity: Korean
Previous Employers:
Asian Diversity, Inc.
Colleges attended:
MA - Smith College, Northampton
High School attended: Tenafly High School

"Cute Duckie", by the talented (and unnervingly steady-handed) H. on Yahoo! Doodlepad.

Novus ordo seclorum.

"Oh, my Lolita, I have only words to play with!"

Andante's Interests:
writing, reading, doodling, skirts, dresses, pinkberry, ice cream, gelato, vintage, museums, books
User comments:
Posted by scandaldance on Feb 17, 2007 1:27 PM
hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 24
Posted by allee on Oct 09, 2007 1:34 PM
Jack Peng would like to have your contact information to discuss Heidi Shyu's article. Please contact Jack ASAP.

> Here is Jack Peng's contact information:
> Jack Peng
> Vice President of CAF
> 3502 Lilac St. SE
> Auburn,WA 98092
> 253-351-0465

Anne Lee
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