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Hogaku: New Sounds of Japan 2008


Japan Foundation


1/12; 7:00 - 10:00 pm


Asia Society and Museum, Auditorium, 725 Park Avenue

New York NY

Re-envisioning Japanese traditions within a contemporary context, two exciting new interpreters of Japanese traditional music, or Hogaku, have taken the contemporary music scene by storm. Wariki, a quartet with Akira Katogi (taiko / dance), Shunsuke Kimura (yokobue / shamisen), Etsuro Ono (shamisen / taiko), and Shingo Ikegami (koto), breathe new life into the traditional folk arts of Japan. Their performance is strongly based in the exuberant Japanese folk tradition, combining both music and dance. The Goto & Obama Duo consists of Yukihiro Goto on biwa and Akihito Obama on shakuhachi. Each group is extending the vocabulary of these traditional forms to reach new generations of music fans.

7:00 Pre-performance lecture - demonstration;
8:00 Performance

Asia Society members/seniors/students: $20; general audience: $25

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